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What are the conditions* for your pharma career to be hit by a “category 5 hurricane”?

Pharma careers are in a consistent pattern of category 5 hurricanes, and the conditions to direct your careers through each of these hurricanes are becoming more difficult. This is especially true as more and more positions are being eliminated within pharma. I am using the term “category 5 hurricane” as a metaphor to describe the abrupt and complex circumstances that comes to you when your company deals with an acquisition, merger, or reorganization. All of these situations have the potential conditions of becoming a category 5 hurricane that will disrupt both your career and your life. Leaving you with the urgent situation to come up with a plan. Unlike todays sophisticated weather radar maps, these career conditions do not come with a “tracking radar map” to help you navigate the uncertainty. In order to improve your performances and plan for the uncertainty of your career, and the careers of the.

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