Career Coaching

Your life’s work, your career, directly and significantly impacts the overall quality of your life.

Taking your pharma career to a new level effects the following factors:

  • The Quality of your Physical Environment
    • Your Home, The Car you Drive, The Place Where you Work
  • Fun, Leisure and Recreation
    • Your Vacations, Hobbies, and Interests
  • Health
    • Your time and energy to stay physically fit and nutritionally sound
  • Personal Growth and Learning
  • The ability to attain a higher education, training, and certifications
    • Finances
    • Security, freedom, and flexibility

Rick’s T-Factor Career Coaching™ takes you through a three stage process
where you will:

  • THINK about opportunities, strategy, and your potential.
  • Set up TRIALS to explore the territories where your strengths can be utilized.
  • TRANSFORM into the pharma professional who drives his or her career to the next level.

Career coaching involves exploring the past, present, and future determining fit, function, and feasibility. You will determine your strengths, prioritize your goals, and  take action that gets results.

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