Legacy Coaching

Build something that outlives you.

Your thinking, the trials you take on, and the transformation that you experience are the legacy you leave behind. Every day your every interaction leaves an impression on the people and the organization you serve. Through Rick’s T-Factor Coaching™ Equation, you can not only leave something for people but leave something IN people.

The T-Factor Coaching™ Formula is:
Thinking + Trials = Transformation

T-Factor equation

In a legacy coaching session, the powerful coaching question you’ll be asked to THINK about is:

  • What will you leave behind?
  • How will you make a difference?
  • Who do I need to become so I can leave a lasting impression?

The TRIALS you engage in will challenge the long-term effects or your pharma career and leadership presence.

In a legacy coaching session, the powerful questions you’ll be asked are:

  • Who on my team deserves my valuable time for mentoring?
  • What innovation do I believe will shift the trajectory of my team, my organization, and the industry as a whole?
  • What core values do I need to instill within my team, my organization, and the industry as a whole?

The TRANSFORMATION that will occur from legacy coaching will be fulfillment. Knowing that you pursued life fully, expressed your life’s purpose gives the gift of time on this earth to live, to learn, to love and leave a legacy.

You get to decide the legacy that you leave. The world is changed by your example not your opinion. Legacy coaching holds you accountable to transform your thinking into trials that leave a legacy.

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