What are the conditions* for your pharma career to be hit by a “category 5 hurricane”?

Pharma careers are in a constant category 5 hurricane

Pharma careers are in a consistent pattern of category 5 hurricanes, and the conditions to direct your careers through each of these hurricanes are becoming more difficult. This is especially true as more and more positions are being eliminated within pharma.


I am using the term “category 5 hurricane” as a metaphor to describe the abrupt and complex circumstances that comes to you when your company deals with an acquisition, merger, or reorganization. All of these situations have the potential conditions of becoming a category 5 hurricane that will disrupt both your career and your life. Leaving you with the urgent situation to come up with a plan.

Unlike todays sophisticated weather radar maps, these career conditions do not come with a “tracking radar map” to help you navigate the uncertainty. In order to improve your performances and plan for the uncertainty of your career, and the careers of the team that you lead, is to take charge of what’s in your control.

Here are some powerful questions for you to pause on before you read on:

  1. What are my options when things are changing at my company?
  2. What is in my control?
  3. What is really important for me?
  4. What resources should I have in place to optimize my career?
  5. What are the real challenges here for me?
  6. What is my first important step?

One action step is to evaluate working with an Executive Coach. Specifically, an Executive Coach who has lived through numerous “career 5 hurricanes” within pharma and is professionally certified. In the past, Coaches were only provided for those who were considered “high-potential” employees. However, this trend is changing as more mid-level executives are hiring and establishing long-term relationships with an outside Executive Coach.

WHY hire your own Executive Coach? Because a Coach is the 1st-line of offence in helping you build a consistent distinction of your career. Working with a coach you trust and who is passionate to see you successful will give you confidence. You’ll have an accountable partner who believes in you and provides a safe space for you to THINK, take TRIAL with your visions, and fully TRANSFORM to perform at your best.

Is working with a coach the right first step for you?

Coaching is an ongoing confidential relationship between a Coach and a Client (you). Coaching is a well-defined process that will noticeably change habits and create patterns that will help you optimize your performance and your team’s performance.
What are the conditions* for your pharma career to be hit by a “category 5 hurricane”? [option is to replace with an info graphic]

  1. Overly Narrow Functional Focus to Your Career
    a. What is holding you back to step out of you functional area and take on a more generalist leadership role?
    b. What developmental assignment goal are you looking for?
    c. What are the challenges for you to breakout and broaden your functional focus?
  2. Difficulty In Building A Team
    • What challenges you will be facing in transforming your team to be more efficient?
    • What leadership interpersonal behaviors will be a challenge for you to exhibit to achieve your goal?
    • What are your next steps? By when?
  3. Failure To Meet Business Objectives
    • What will you say NO to, to make this YES rock-solid and real?
    • What support will you need to accomplish your objectives?
    • What capabilities must be in place for you/your team to be successful?
    • How will you know you have succeeded?
  4. Inability To Adapt During A Transition
    • What is the real challenge for you during periods of change?
    • What are have been your patterns in dealing with change in the past?
    • What have your learned?
  5. Problems With Interpersonal Relationships
    • Where do you get your energy when leading and working with others in your organization?
    • How would you rate your satisfaction of your current interpersonal relationships with your team, boss, and peers?
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These 5 conditions, if not well managed by the pharma executive, have the potential to disrupt their career. As with any hurricane, if you choose to ignore the conditions you could be in harms way. If you choose to ignore your career conditions, in a metaphorical manner you are putting your career in harms way.

About Rick Mazzetti:
Rick Mazzetti is on a mission to facilitate thinking, exploration, and accountability for consistent distinction of a pharma executive’s career.

Known for building winning strategies, with a diplomacy mindset that built trust with Senior Executives, R&D, and Sales Executives over 38 years, Rick is a confident coach. He understands the pharma executives career path and its challenges!

With tenure at GlaxoSmithKline, Salix Pharmaceuticals, and QuintilesIMS, Rick is a natural problem solver. He knows how to leverage the power of team governances to provide and implement solutions, get noticed, and gain traction on the career path.

With Rick as your coach, you can too.

Rick knows how to transform your career. As a proven pharma executive himself, Rick led marketing campaigns for pharmaceutical and biotechnical brand names with annual sales exceeding one billion dollars. He created tactical vision for commercial alliances, strategic client services, commercialization and launch planning.

Coaching with Rick using the T-Factor Coaching process is time well spent with a:

    • Visionary
    • Motivator
    • Take Charge of Challenges Champion
    • AndaNoBSKindofGuyInternational Coach Federation

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*Source: The Leadership Challenge in the Pharmaceutical Sector, Center for Creative Leadership; By Jean Brittain and Kim Palmisano

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