Thinking + Trials = Transformation

You will do some serious thinking.

Rick will ask you powerful questions framed by his 38 years of experience in the pharma industry. You will explore, articulate and create an actionable plan to transform your career.

Odds are your career races at a frenetic pace.

Stop worrying about your career.

Worrying only creates anxiety which shuts down your ability to think about the opportunities that are available to you.

You need a safe space to think “on purpose” in service to your future.

By engaging in a coaching relationship, you gain the ability to think more clearly, re-focus your energies, and gain awareness.

You can only discover the options available to you, when you are at ease curiously exploring each strategic choice. A coaching session with Rick opens you up to your potential, shifts your mental models, and engages your locus of control.

Through various thinking experientials and assessments, you will gain insight. As these insights are collected, a framework for trials is established. Just like big pharmaceutical companies you want to work to enhance the raw materials (talent, skills, and experience) into a powerful effect with high potency. This will secure your future in the market place.

Any real progress, requires thinking. Having a trusted, seasoned, wise partner in the process is invaluable. Fundamentally, the quality of your thinking will equate to the quality of your career.


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