Coaching is not mentoring or consulting. It's the transformation of your career.

You will experience transformation.

You can become the leader you envision.

Leadership has been defined as “influence.” Through transformation coaching, you will evolve into a pharma professional who not only knows the business but knows that influencing the people within the business is the key to success.

Clients that work with Rick, first do serious thinking. Secondarily, he or she takes on trials that lead to growth through promotions and landing new positions. At this point in a pharma career, it is imperative that leadership becomes the focus. This is the transformation stage.

Rick’s T-Factor Coaching™ Equation empowers you to step back to “see” the vision for your new role and assess what is possible. Again, you’ll be placed in thinking mode where you will articulate the future and determine objectives that serve the vision.

Next, Rick’s T-Factor Coaching™ Equation insists that you engage in trials that:

  • Build your team’s efficiency.
  • Meet business objectives.
  • Enhance decision making.
  • Bolster energy and motivation.

Ultimately, you will be transformed into the leader you envision:

  • Facing challenges.
  • Identify and transform ineffective patterns.
  • Winning trust.
  • Exhibiting authenticity.
  • Earning respect.

And, above all you will be transforming the people you lead.
This is the “T-Factor” effect.


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