You will be challenged to take on trials.

Your career loses efficacy without research.

As a pharma executive, you know that clinical research is a necessary step in bringing a successful product to market. The same is true in developing yourself for a successful pharma career in the current volatile marketplace.

In essence, you must conduct trials and observe the outcomes. Then, and only then, can you strategically formulate goals and take strategic action to get results.

Rick’s experience in pharma positions him to coach you toward:

Phase 1: Collecting data needed for making career choices.
Phase 2: Identifying the action plans necessary to navigate a career transition.
Phase 3: Testing the safety or risk of your next decision.
Phase 4: Compare, monitor, and determine effectiveness of the trials completed.

A trial by definition is a prospective study designed to answer specific questions about which interventions work. Consistently being coached by Rick, you’ll get the answers you need to move your career to the next level.


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